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Autoterm                                                 Kомпанията Autoterm представлява производител на автономни нагреватели в европейските страни. Компанията, която представляват е третият по големина производител на автономни нагреватели в света и разработва и произвежда широка гама нагреватели за течности и нагреватели за въздух за превозни средства, лодки и яхти, както и многобройни аксесоари за нагреватели. Компанията, чиято продукция е добре позната в света със своето високо качество и гъвкава ценова политика. Оригиналните решения, значително надвишават конкурентите по отношение на експлоатационния живот, безопасността, качеството, експлоатационните разходи и други съществени фактори. Всички продукти предлагани от Autoterm, предлагани на европейския пазар, са изработени в съответствие с действащото законодателство на европейските страни и Европейския съюз, както и сертифицирани от съответните европейски институции. Инсталирането и допълнителната поддръжка на продуктите се осигуряват от оторизираните сервизни центрове, които също предоставят гаранционни и следгаранционни услуги.
Febi      Febi Bilstein is among the international free market leaders for spare parts for motor vehicles. It has office locations in 69 countries, guaranteeing that Febi is never far away from its customers. The company delivers spare parts for almost all types of trucks and buses. Easily identified, a provider of impeccable quality and effective service, Febi is the reasonable alternative. The company has a product range of over 200 000 reference numbers and offers a complex solution for trailers and semi-trailers, as well as the respective consumables. Febi's products are the embodiment of excellent quality, great service and a "made in Germany" solution. That is why the successful collaboration with Febi is based on more than 20 000 reasons. In addition to the wide product range, the company applies the quality and service standards, which only an international market leader is capable of delivering.
Firestone     Firestone Airide, founded in 1934 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, is a manufacturer and developer of new airbag technologies in automotive, heavy-duty transportation, agricultural equipment and industrial applications. It operates on four continents, including North and South America, Asia and Europe. Quality products require industry-leading research, development. That's why Firestone Airide completes nearly 200 research projects annually, with research and development facilities in the United States, China and the Netherlands. As part of the Bridgestone family, they collaborate to design products that meet the most stringent standards and customer specifications. Firestone Airide is a corporate member of CLEPA, the European Automotive Suppliers Association, focused on aligning industry needs with the EU regulatory framework.  
FTE automotive     FTE Automotive is an international leader in the manufacturing of hydraulic, braking and coupling systems for passenger cars and trucks. 60 years of innovations, manufacturing and customer service characterize FTE Automotive. The company offers intelligent, technical solutions based on experience - over 7000 items for over 16000 types of vehicles. FTE Automotive develops top technologies for improved safety and convenience on the road. In addition to its activity as original equipment manufacturer, FTE Automotive offers a wide range of spare parts for the secondary market and it is a reliable solution for auto service centers and dealerships. The spare parts for the braking and coupling systems are competitive products, with long life and high quality, and they are environmentally friendly.
Intertruck     Intertruck Group is an international supplier of parts for trucks, trailers, buses and vehicles, with more than 55 years experience in the heavy industry. The company operates independently within the international subdivision of the Unipart (UGS) group of companies, which has more than 7000 employees across the whole world and it is one of the largest private firms in the United Kingdom. Intertruck Group's headquarters is located in Roterdam in the Netherlands. The company aso has business locations in Dubai and Zambia and works with a growing network of distribution partners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Intertruck offers its clients a unique concept in one place. All of Intertruck's products are manufactured according to OEM specifications and adhere to the relevant approvals for type "E" and the ISO/DIN standards.
Jaltest Cojali is a European company with over 20 years experience in the manufacturing of spare parts and diagnostics equipment for trucks. It is built on scientific research and development and innovations. This is why each of the company's products is in unison with the needs of the consumers. Cojali offers on the market its product Jaltest, thanks to which the electric circuit diagrams are visualized and additional information about the technical state of the vehicle is obtained. Jaltest covers all electronic systems in trucks, trailers, buses, vans, tractors and agricultural machinery. For these reasons, each of COGALI's products carries the company's philosophy: the clutch fins? Digital control next to the valves with digital-pneumatic control, automatic jacks, diagnostic equipment and the new modules for management of the engine's power for ABS trailers and semi-trailers.
Monroe      Tenneco Аutomotive utilizes its whole experience and knowledge as the largest independent manufacturer of shock absorbers in the world, in order to create a reliable and secure product for heavy duty vehicles. The Monroe® Magnum shock absorbers are intended for heavy duty vehicles weighing between 3.5 and 41 tons, and axles with a weight of up to 12 tons. Developed exclusively for the European market, Monroe® Magnum meets the strictest requirements for original installation. Their product range covers almost all European trucks and trailers. The Monroe shock absorbers use oil, manufactured through exceptional technology, in order to provide excellent performance when heated to temperatures between 20 and 200 degrees Celsius. Each of  Monroe® Magnum's shock absorbers has a 2-year warranty.
Moog      The Moog brand was created in USA and since 1919 it offers frame, steering and suspension parts. The patented innovations allow Moog to offer on the market parts, which stand out with improved performance, durability and quality. The simplified structure reduces the service time of the vehicle and the use of lightweight materials decreases the weight and increases the flexibility and stability. The Moog products are constructed in such a way that they fulfill the strict requirements for manufacturing original equipment, and they are tested and aproved in OE laboratories. The professional mounters believe in and value Moog's products because of the brand's reputation for solving problems. For 39 years the NASCAR racers are doing the same, relying on the performance and durbility of Moog's ball joints. The Moog brand is owned by the Federal-Mogul corporation.
Phoenix      When Phoenix partnered with the ContiTech AG company, two of the main airbag experts joined forces. For more than 50 years the airbags of the Phoenix brand have proven their value on the international market for heavy duty vehicles. Phoenix's product range continues to expand and it is regularly supplemented with newly added items. Phoenix's airbags have proven their efficiency throughout the years. They are a reliable choice, because the suspension elements are designed in accordance with the specifications of the respective vehicle and therefore provide the highest level of comfort and effective control. This is achieved despite the difficulties encountered during the everyday use on all types of roads and weather conditions. In addition to the classic applications for buses, trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, the airbags of the Phoenix brand can be also installed in the cab and seat of the driver, as well as in railway vehicles.
Ronal      "We don't reinvent the wheel, we improve it every day" Headquartered in Härkingen (Switzerland), RONAL GROUP is one of the world's leading manufacturers of aluminum wheels for cars and trucks. The company is active in both the OEM and aftermarket for automotive and commercial vehicles. Each year, 13 RONAL GROUP production sites from companies on three continents can produce more than 21 million wheels. They carry out all the production steps themselves, from design to making the final product. Customers are all renowned car manufacturers. In addition to keeping an eye on economic growth, the RONAL GROUP has for years focused on its responsibility towards future generations with its PLAN BLUE concept. One of the focuses of their sustainability strategy is the reduction of CO2 emissions, which they plan to halve by 2030. That's why, after launching the RONAL R60-blue - the first rim to be produced in accordance with sustainable aspects - we introduced the RONAL R70 -blue, the first carbon-neutral rim in the world. And in the future, they want to set a good example in the field of sustainability and take responsibility for their actions.
Sachs    Part of the ZF group, Sachs is one of the most famous global partners of the automobile industry. Over its 70-year history Sachs has been a supplier of innovative transmisssion and frame components. Sachs offers a full range of innovative solutions, guaranteeing maximum comfort, safety and reliability. Sach's clutches and shock absorbers provide the best truck perfomance on the road, regardless of its weight, the situation or the weather conditions. A high-quality clutch is an essential element of the vehicle. As a leader on the market, Sachs offers oprtimal solutions of any kind of vehicle, city buses, tractors and special vehicles. The product range includes clutch disks, spinners, sets, flywheels etc. The brand's market offer also includes shock absorbers for trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, which, as all products of the company, stand out with their impeccable quality and performance on the road. Since 1992 the product portfolio includes a range of visco clutches, which is in constan development.
Speedline Corse        The Speedline Group was founded in 1976, starting as a small artisan company specializing in the production of wheels for racing cars. The first wheels produced were for the Ferrari Formula 1 team and a world championship title followed very quickly. Since then, the company has progressively refined its knowledge and technology to bring it to the point of widespread recognition as a leading manufacturer of high-quality and leading technology alloy wheels. Today, Speedline is still a specialist manufacturer of alloy wheels, primarily in the field of original equipment supply to many of Europe's leading automotive, motorsport and aftermarket wheel manufacturers. Now part of the Ronal Group, the original Tabina-based plant is still in place, fully modernized and worthy of numerous OE accreditations. Original equipment wheels manufactured by Speedline can be seen adorning many of Europe's most prestigious and exotic sports cars. Customers include Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Maserati, as well as many other mainstream car manufacturers. The strength and depth of experience at the company are unmatched.
Total     Total is one of the largest companies for oils and fuels, ranking fourth in the world and it operates in more than 130 countries. Total discovers, manufactures, transforms, sells and distributes energy in different forms to the the end client. Total's teams work closely with the automotive engineers and share their know-how, which contributes to the development of lubricants that protect the engine form wear-and-tear and corrosion, and optimize the performance and power of the automobile. The close cooperation between the researchers and engineers allow for the development of a special range of oils, which reduces fuel consumption and the harmful emissions. Over 100 000 employees actively work for the manufacturing, servicing and provision of safer, cleaner, more effective, more innovative and more affordable products.